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We Offer All Inclusive Tuition.

Included in Tuition rates

-Breakfast Snack, Hot Lunch(Meat, Vegetable & fruit provided daily), And Afternoon snack,

-All supplies needed for daily activities are supplied by the center, such as Arts & crafts, School supplies etc..

-Curriculum in all class rooms are covered, Curriculum starts in our youngest room working there way up to our Pre-K room.

-Pre-k Curriculum is included, Which involves Learning everything needed for Kindergarten Such as Letters, Sounds, Beginning Math skills Etc, Also they will be using Michael Heggerty  Pre-Kindergarten version Phonemic awareness, to start learning phonics to blend words, Rhyming words etc.

Also includes progress reports of how much their skills have improved every 6 weeks,. You never have to worry if your child is learning or if they will be ready for kindergarten with our Very experienced and wonderful Pre-K teachers!

-Nap cots are also included for daily nap time.

-All of our staff are experienced in child care.

-we require at least half of our staff in the building at all times be Cpr certified!

-To help parents feel their child is safe every day, We have cameras in every classroom in our center, Including the playground.

-Our Doors stay locked at all times. Every parent has a code to get into the building.

-Our center is a childcare focused on educational fun learning that helps each child grow in all skills needed to reach kindergarten!

We also offer discounted rates for employees of any TN school system!

Contact us today to learn about our additional discounts!

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